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There is a rich selection of places to see
and food to enjoy nearby Okuibuku Snow Resort

Hot Springs (Onsen)

Kamoike-Sō (Bihada-no Yu)

Complete with outdoor hot springs and sauna facilities.These facilities are available to both customers staying in our accommodation, and those travelling here for the day.

〒521-0221 80-1 Ikeshita, Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture

Anegawa Onsen

There are many health benefits that may be obtained at the hot springs and ceramic sauna at Anegawa Onsen.

〒526-0252 181 Yashima Town, Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture


Gokuraku-yu is proud to have the largest number of public bathing facilities in Japan, and includes indoor and outdoor baths, and saunas.We are open until 1 am so you can take your time and relax!

〒522-0038 175-1 Nishinonami-cho, Hikone City, Shiga

Ibuki Herbal Baths

This hot spring is in Ibuki Herbal Cultural Centre.The library and herb garden allow visitors to enjoy the hot spring along with Mt. Ibuki.

〒521-0314 37 Suijo, Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture


Green Park Santō

Please come and enjoy the great outdoors at Green Park Santō.

〒521-0221 80 Ikeshita, Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture

Rosa & Berrÿ Tawada

Rosa & Berrÿ Tawada is an experience and sightseeing-based farm with a café, a restaurant, and pastures.Here you can contact with sheep and try your hand at wool crafts.

〒521-0081 605-10 Tawada, Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture

Kurokabe Square

Kurokabe Glass Shop is surrounded by cafés, galleries and glass workshops.Here you can appreciate art and the beautiful nature of Ibuki with the old townscape.

〒526-0059 12-38 Motohama Town, Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture

Hikone Castle

The national treasure of Hikone Castle, built 410 years ago.As the surroundings are designated special historic sites, you can directly experience history while taking a stroll.

〒522-0061 1-1 Konki-cho, Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture

Mitsui Outlet Park Shiga Prefecture Ryūō

A general commercial complex containing a variety of restaurants and shops ranging from clothing to daily necessities and miscellaneous goods.There are pop-up stores and events held every weekend, so it is a place to definitely check out!

〒520-2551 1178-694 Ryuo-cho, Gamo-gun, Shiga Prefecture

Aeon Mall Kusatsu

Come and relax at Kusatsu, especially the prefecture's largest spa house “Suishun”, in addition to shopping at Aeon Mall! They are built next to each other.

〒525-0067 300 Shinhama-cho, Kusatsu City, Shiga


Kozuhara Community Center

Taste and learn how to make traditionally pickled vegetables.Relax at the café with a cup of siphon coffee.

〒521-0301 466-1 Kozuhara, Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture
0749-59-0225 Kozuhara pickling club (Representative) Tomiko Yamasakia


We offer a wide range of set meals, full course dining, light snacks and tea that highlight the seasonal tastes and beauty of Mt. Ibuki.You can also try our medicinal herb bath which uses the herbs of Mt. Ibuki, a treasure chest of medical herbs

〒521-0311 1840 Ibuki, Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture

Ibuki Soba Noodle

Additive free, “nihachi soba” (soba noodles made with 20% wheat flour and 80% buckwheat flour lovingly made with the miraculous waters found at the base of Mt. Ibuki.“Oroshi soba” is one of our most popular dishes, made by combining our soba with the famous Ibuki daikon radish.

〒521-0311 516 Ibuki, Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture

Michi no Eki "Shunsai no Mori"

Our roadside station offers fresh vegetables and processed goods direct from local producers, as well as a range of foods, including prepared meals and freshly baked bread.You can also try soba–making and ceramic art. Herbal foot bathing with a view of Mt. Ibuki will make you feel relaxed.

〒521-0311 1732-1 Ibuki, Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture

Ibuki Ham

The increasingly popular Ibuki Ham.Please come and experience the taste of our delicious handmade ham that is made without compromising in quality and flavour.

〒521-0312 86-3 Ueno, Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture

Milk Farm Ibuki

Now open in Michi no Eki – Roadside station Ibuki no Sato.You can buy a range of dairy products, including yogurt, ice cream and pudding, made with "Ibuki milk" from our dairy cattle raised at the base of the nature-rich Mt. Ibuki.

〒521-0311 80 Ibuki, Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture

Club Harrie · Taneya “Hikone mihorino ya”

Please enjoy the historic romance and culture of Hikone Town by taking a moment to relax at mihorino ya which recreates the charm of a castle town.

〒522-0064 Honmachi, Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture

Club Harrie · Taneya “La Collina Omihachiman”

A place where people can connect with nature. Through our Japanese and Western confectionery shop, we are promoting a way of living in which people can coexist with nature.

〒523-8533 615-1 Kitanosho-cho, Omi-hachiman City, Shiga Prefecture


Green Park Santō

Just 25 minutes by car from the ski resort! A fully equipped Japanese-style inn "Kamoike-sō".In addition to accommodation, you will surely enjoy the art museum and the sports and amusement facilities offered at Green Park Santō!

〒521-0221 80-1 Ikeshita, Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture

Japanese-style inn "Kamoike-sō”
9 Japanese-style rooms (2 rooms with a bath and toilet) able to accommodate 42 people.
Please relax and re-energise in the soft waters of Bihada no yu onsen which will leave your skin soft and supple. Additionally, we serve a steak course, a Japanese hot-pot, Japanese-style set meals, and other special meals for dinner, at our Japanese restaurant, Shaveno.

A total of five villa-style log cottages. A maximum of 10 people can stay in each cottage.
Fully equipped with basic facilities including baths, TV, bedding, and cooking utensils. Enjoy staying here with family or friends! The facilities are primarily for self-catering, where you bring your own plates and food, but you can also order a Japanese-style hot-pot.

Nagahama Royal Hotel

Choose your preferred style of accommodation plan from our wide range of rooms and cuisine!We recommend customers to take time and relax in the outdoor rock bath of Nagahama Taiko Onsen, which was loved by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, one of the three great unifiers of Japan.

〒526-0066 38 Oshima Town, Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture

Kitabiwako Hotel Grazie

To the east is Mt. Ibuki and to the west is the expanse of Lake Biwa. Here you can feel the magnificence of nature.
The luxurious design of the hotel interior is based on Verona, a city in Northern Italy.There are many experiential events held within the hotel.

〒526-0067 4-17 Minato-cho, Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture

Hotel Route-Inn

The safe & reliable nation-wide Hotel Route-inn.
Located just off the Nagahama interchange of the Hokuriku Expressway, this hotel is very accessible.As parking is free, our facilities are popular for people coming by car.

〒526-0804 884-1 Kano-cho, kamiakuta, Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture

Art Hotel Nagahama

We have hot spring baths that will help to heal your tired body, including an artificial radium hot spring and a mist sauna!We also have a range of guest rooms, so you can choose a room according to the size of your group or the purpose of your travel.We also have rooms for women only. Women travelling alone may feel safe staying with us!

〒526-0021 28-1 Yawata-nakayama Town, Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture

Toyoko INN Maibara Station,Shinkansen west entrance

Toyoko INN Maibara Station, Shinkansen west entrance.Toyoko INN is a trusted nationwide hotel chain. Located just 1 minute walk away from the Shinkansen (bullet train) west entrance of the Maibara railway station. We offer outstanding convenience! You can choose a room according to the purpose of your visit and we also offer a range of services!

〒521-0015 8 Maibara-nishi, Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture

Sugatani Onsen

A hot spring inn in Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture. The secluded hot spring that quietly flows at the foot of Odani Castle is popular for day trips as it is free-flowing from the source.For food, you can choose kaiseki cuisine that conveys the colors of the season, Omi beef sukiyaki, shabu-shabu, and more.

〒526-0277 36 Sugatani-cho, Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture

Old folk house Inn 「SOYOMO」

An inn located 5 minutes by car from Gransnow Okuibuki.The modern space, which is a renovated old Japanese-style house, is designed to keep you warm even in the snowy winter while preserving the beauty of the wooden framework of the Japanese house. Please use it with your family and friends.

〒521-0301 457 Kouzuhara, Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture

Green Hotel Yes Nagahama MINATOKAN

50 minutes by car from the ski resort. 5 minutes walk from the west exit of Nagahama station. Free parking available. The inn boasts the mysterious famous Futamata calcium carbonate hot spring (artificial), the Finnish-style Celluloryu sauna (men only), and the Mt. Ibuki natural water bath (men only). Located near the station, there are many restaurants nearby.

〒526-0067 2-28 Minato-cho,Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture

Machiya no Inn 「IROHA」

45 minutes by car from the ski resort. Free parking available. With the concept of staying like living, you can choose from a rental type that is a refurbished old private house or a town-style hotel type. This is the perfect accommodation for couples and families. Located in the tourist center of Nagahama, there are many restaurants nearby.

〒526-0059 14-21, Motohama-cho, Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture

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