One of Japan's top ski schools!
Where 10,000 students
learn to ski and snowboard every year!

Courteous instruction by skilled experts!

Blossom Ski & Snowboarding School

  • SIA Certified
  • JSBA Certified
  • TAJ Certified

Our school is certified in the three specialized areas of skiing, snowboarding, telemarking! We are one of Japan's leading schools, with professional instructors in each of these areas teaching 10,000 students each year! We have created programs to match any level, from beginner to advanced, enabling anyone to improve their skills safely and enjoyably. Feel free to come on up and take a lesson.

School Hours

Reception onsite is from 8:00 to 13:00. For more details about the school's schedules, please call in advance.

  • * Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of each lesson.During busy periods, especially during the New Year's holidays, consecutive holidays, weekends, etc., aim to arrive roughly 60 minutes ahead of time.
  • * Even if the student has a reservation, we automatically cancel lessons if the student cannot make it to the onsite reception by sign-in time (15 minutes before the start of the lesson).
  • * Class sizes are limited to ensure safety and maintain programs.
Lesson Number

Regular Lessons

Skiing, Snowboarding, Telemarking

  • For ages 5 years old and above
  • Same-day sign-up OK!
Price (including tax)
Half-day course (90 minutes)
3,800 yen
One-day course (2 x 90 minutes)
6,600 yen
3 x 90-minute courses
9,400 yen

Lessons suited to all skill levels, from beginner to advanced

The school's long experience makes our lessons safe and enjoyable. Our original program features professional staff who employ a variety of techniques in a courteous and easy-to-understand style. Children's lessons incorporate play, allowing them to improve naturally. Of course, for those whose priority is technique, our assistance enables students to train slowly and steadily in accordance with their goals.

Number of Individuals
Price (including tax)
1st person
45,000 yen
2nd and subsequent person
35,000 yen

School Season Pass

Relatives and families purchasing their season passes together get a 10,000-yen discount on every pass from the second member on—a fantastic deal! Enjoy lessons anytime.
Perfect for individuals using their passes over extended periods, such as every weekend, or weekdays only.

Private Lessons

Skiing, Snowboarding, Telemarking

  • For ages 3 years old and above
  • Confirmation by phone required
Price (including tax)
Half-day course (90 minutes)
20,000 yen
One-day course (2 x 90 minutes)
35,000 yen
3 x 90-minute courses
50,000 yen

One-on-one lessons mean rapid improvement!

Have a member of our professional staff assigned to you alone. Our comprehensive programs feature highly regarded teaching methods suited to the individual student's objectives. And up to two people—such as parent and child or a pair of friends—can join at the same time. We promise children under 5 years old a smooth debut on the snow (please be sure to provide children especially with helmets and other safety gear).

Reserved Lessons

Skiing, Snowboarding

  • For ages 5 years old and above
  • Weekdays only
  • Up to 8 students per coach
Price (including tax)
Half-day course (90 minutes)
24,000 yen
One-day course (2 x 90 minutes)
42,000 yen

Have fun with close friends!

Experience the fun of taking lessons together with various school ski programs or compatible friends. Have a lively time while learning skiing and snowboarding skills. Individuals of similar skill levels can join together in group lessons.


Numbers for direct inquiries to Blossom Ski & Snowboarding School.
Please contact us at the following numbers for details about the school, reservations, and other questions.

100 minutes from Osaka! 80 minutes from Kyoto!
60 minutes from Nagoya!


GRANSNOW OKUIBUKI: Kozuhara Okuibuki,
Maibara-shi Shiga-ken 521-0301[map]